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A Chaos Magic Novel

A young mage of Chaos, disillusioned with the world, decides to plunge into a journey of self-knowledge called 'Breaking the Ego', which provides for an exchange of beliefs, 'follow and believe the contrary of your convictions.'

Clube de Autores: A paper edition - delivers in United States, Canada and United Kingdom:


A masterpiece that presents us with a high level of artistic and fictional creation, Urban Mosaics indicates a light at the end of the tunnel by focusing the several current problems we’ve faced since the fateful civilization and its discontents foreseen by the men and women who forged psychoanalysis in the late Nineteenth century.” – João Rosa de Castro, writer and translator.

The short stories address discoveries: criminal investigations, love comings and goings and the identity discovery and acceptance.” Michelle Louise Paranhos.

Urban Mosaics is a new adult surprising book; by the same author of the novel Incompatível [Incompatible] (Scortecci, 2018).


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